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June 8 Steel Market Morning Post
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Market analysis
June 7, 1710 opened 2959, the main shock, the lowest 2935, the highest 2996, 2962, up 21, or 0.71%. Turnover slightly reduced, the total position by 120,000 hand, the top 20 main short Masukura significant, CITIC empty an increase of 30,000 hand. Day K received a small sun cross star, the daily chart KDJ seems to have a fork fork trend. 8 days before the night plate, snail 10 open 2968, slightly down between the disk, the highest 2978, the lowest 2939, closing at 2952, down 13 0.44% decline. Spot mainstream steady, individual ups and downs, the market mentality improved, but some areas of high turnover weak, business operations are still cautious. Futures rebound weak, short-term continuation of the shock pattern, radical investors may be appropriate to increase the rallies.
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