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The off-season is not fading, the news is good for the steel market
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 In June, although the steel market is in the off-season of traditional significance, it is still in a tough environment, relaxed Sino-US relations, and driven by the one trillion special debt policy. However, the off-season effect is more obvious. In many places, high temperature and rainy weather, the transaction is generally general and the overall decrease of supply side is relatively small, resulting in limited space for spot prices to go up and the market to pick up goods. Businessmen are more cautious. At present, the focus is on the unknown outcome of the G20 negotiations between China and the United States. But in July, the role of special debt is gradually exerting, and steel price support is gradually increasing. It is expected that steel prices will show a low trend between two high schools next month.

Overview of International Market
In June, the international steel market shocked weakly. CRU International Steel Price Composite Index was 188.4, monthly annular ratio decreased by 4.5%, year-on-year decrease by 9.4%, and CRU Long Wood Index was 237.6. European market, European steel market showed signs of bottoming rebound, European steel prices began to rise; the United States market, crude steel factory shipments in the United States 8.21 million short tons, month-on-month decline of 1.4%, year-on-year increase of 5.3%; Asian market, steel price shocks weakened this month, seasonal demand weakened, downstream demand contracted. Generally speaking, the international steel market may be shaking up in the short term.
Domestic Summary: In June, the national building materials prices showed a trend of low first and then high. The overall increase ranged from 80 to 120. Recently, the price trend of building materials has been strong. Recently, affected by the continuous fermentation of the northern environmental policy of production restriction, snails have been rising strongly, which promotes the atmosphere of spot delivery, and promotes the continuous rise of the market. However, demand in the off-season is limited. Downstream fear of high sentiment is still weak, business mindset is cautious, some high resource quotations have been loosened, raw materials, Tangshan billet prices this month than at the end of last month basically stable, high cost of arrival of merchants, the willingness to fall sharply is not strong, but the overall impact of macro news and futures market in June is greater, the mainstream price of the country. The stability is moderate to strong.
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