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The contradiction between supply and demand is the key, and the market mentality is tested.
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 Last week, steel prices across the country showed a trend of low prices at both ends and high prices at the middle. In most areas, the decline ranged from 30 to 70 yuan per ton, which was in line with our expectations last week. For this week's market, we anticipate or forecast a slightly higher trend, the main reasons are as follows: (1) from a multi-profitable point of view: 1) strong operation of raw iron ore prices, high steel production costs of steel mills, help to support steel prices; 2) future investment in infrastructure will further increase the capacity to support steel demand; 3) weekly threads; Steel production has decreased, and weekly supply has slightly decreased; (2) From a negative perspective: 1) last week, steel social inventory and steel plant inventory increased, the digestion speed of off-season market is less than the supply speed; 2) environmental production restriction is not as expected, the start-up rate of steel plants throughout the country remains at a high stage, leading to the supply side to the present. The pressure caused by the market is relatively large; 3. Last week, rainfall in most parts of the country is still more, and market shipments are facing some adverse effects. Therefore, after a comprehensive analysis, we expect steel prices to be slightly higher this week, with a total decline ranging from 40 to 80 yuan per ton.

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