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This weeks shocks adjust for next weeks sidewall shocks (7.15-7.19)
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 1. Market Review:

This week, there was a slight shake-up in strip steel across the country. The leading steelmakers in North China were more stable than those in Zhou, while those in East and South China rose steadily and moderately by 10-20 compared with the beginning of Zhou. At the beginning of the week, the market emphasized rectification. Because of the 15-day production limit issued by Fengrun District, most of the billet-adjusting steel mills, narrow strips and building materials will be shut down in the early morning of July 16 according to the policy. The start-up rate of production line will decrease, which will boost the market sentiment and increase the quotation mostly. Although the downstream demand is still insufficient and the trading atmosphere is general, the willingness of merchants to bid still exists. In the second half of the week, the market was weakly adjusted, because the performance of high-level trading was obviously poor, and downstream users took more goods on demand, the overall operating mood was not high. Without the support of substantive demand, the market began to deliver more low-level goods. At present, there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the northern market. Businessmen often accompany the shipment, and low concessions will bring about transactions. However, the cold and hot coils in the East and South China market are still in an inverted state, which suppresses the demand for strip steel, and the fundamentals are still in a poor state. Therefore, shipment can only be expected in the fluctuation of the general environment. Guarantee of shipment volume based on inventory is an important indicator of most companies.
2. Trend forecast for next week:
Generally speaking, with the increase of shutdown of billet rolling mill, the demand for billet is also restrained. In addition, high temperature affects the construction progress of outdoor construction site, and terminal procurement slows down. Considering that the downstream demand has not improved significantly, the steel market has fallen into two weak patterns of supply and demand. It is expected that the price of steel strip or the horizontal plate will oscillate next week.
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