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Enterprises return to work one after another, and the market may pick up
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 Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia ravaged by the delayed effect of the resumption of post holiday, last week, the spot price of the national building materials market was stable and weak, with an adjustment range of 30-200 yuan / ton. However, there are also manufacturers and traders who continue to wait steadily and are not willing to adjust. Looking at the steel market this week, through multi angle and multi factor analysis, we expect the steel price or realization to be stable, medium and small rise,

(1) From the perspective of Lido: 1. In the near future, the number of blast furnace steel plants in China has increased significantly, and the supply pressure has been further eased; 2. From February 10, some enterprises will start to resume work, and the market trade will slightly change. In some areas with stable epidemic situation, the construction site will continue to resume work according to the situation; 3. In the short term, although it is adversely affected by the epidemic situation, it is increasing economic adversity Under the effect of periodic adjustment, the medium and long-term fundamentals of the economy remain stable and positive, and the performance of the demand side of building materials such as real estate and infrastructure construction is still optimistic;
(2) From a negative perspective: 1. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the return of personnel and logistics have been greatly affected, and the market demand is basically stagnant; 2. During the Spring Festival, the steel plant inventory and social inventory have entered the stage of rapid base storage, resulting in heavy inventory pressure; 3. The downstream real estate sales have been affected, and the return of real estate funds has been encountered Resistance will affect the rhythm of land acquisition by real estate enterprises. To sum up, we expect that although the short-term fundamentals are hard to be optimistic, with some enterprises starting to return to work this week, the market situation may change. It is expected that the overall performance of steel price next week will be stable, and even with the period price rebound, it will rise slightly, with an increase of about 20-60 yuan / ton.
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