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Weekly review of coating: anticipation is unclear, adjustment of coating shock next week
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 Last Friday, the stock of large varieties in the factory was 6,725,100 tons, an increase of 52,800 tons from the previous week. The social stock was 14,495,200 tons, a decrease of 387,500 tons from the previous week, and the total amount was reduced by 334,700 tons from the previous week. With the expansion, the off-season supply-demand contradiction between high production and weak demand in the overall steel market is becoming more acute. Looking at the market outlook: In some areas, due to seasonal rains, the terminal demand purchase has slowed down. The current price is at the current high level. In the current coating market, the price increase is less recognized, and the price reduction is more firm. Taken together, it is expected that prices in the short-term coating market will stabilize steadily.

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