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Weekly review of coating: insufficient demand to follow up, coating and plating are stable and weak next week
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 This week, the national coating market has risen and dropped steadily, ranging from 40-100 yuan/ton. The East China market has fallen steadily this week. Although there are many inquiries, the current market enters the off-season of demand, and most of the downstream market purchases are mainly based on rigid demand, and the actual transaction is less than expected. The South China market has experienced mixed ups and downs this week. Due to the increase in the ex-factory prices of most steel mills in the previous period, some merchants have made up for the rise. Others have considered that the demand side at this stage is obviously insufficient to follow up, so they chose to make profits and stimulate transactions, but the results have been very effective. micro. The southwestern market is dominated by wait-and-see this week. The shortage of local market resources has not yet been completely alleviated. Market resources are still tight. Merchants have a strong willingness to set prices, so demand-side procurement costs have increased, and willingness to actively stock up has not been strong. Prices in the North China market have stabilized this week. Moderately weak tone, most of the merchants are mainly shipping, and the transactions of large accounts are slightly weak, and considering the impact of the epidemic counterattack, the market confidence is insufficient, the transaction has slowed down significantly, and the pressure on funds has increased.

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