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Billet Weekly Report: The rainy season will pass and the demand will be partially released
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 This week, the national billet prices have risen steadily. Currently, Tangshan Weathervane Steel Plant reported 3,400 yuan/ton, including tax. Billet direct delivery transactions are acceptable, and traders all increase prices. Today’s warehousing spot transactions are sold at 3,500 yuan including tax. The recent trend of black futures is strong. Although there are occasional downwards, the overall trend is still upwards. The billet market is relatively active in forward orders , Boost business confidence in operations. Up to now, Tangshan billet stocks totaled 39.21, an increase of 3.6 compared with last week, Xiangyu Zhengfeng 17.4, Haiyi Hongrun 16.79, and Zhenxiang Warehouse 50,200 (tons). The billet market in East China is stable and strong. Although prices have risen in line with the overall situation this week, due to the suppression of imported billets, the volume of billet sold by manufacturers has decreased and self-use has increased. Some manufacturers have switched from billet production to finished products. The billet market as a whole has weakened The trend appears and it is expected to oscillate steadily next week. Given that the rainy season is about to pass, downstream demand is gradually recovering. Although downstream rolling mills have environmental protection restrictions on production, they have no significant impact on billet transactions and prices. Billet prices are expected to fluctuate steadily next week, with an amplitude of about 30 yuan.

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