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Large quantities of iron ore are transported to China, followed by Brazil
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Large quantities of iron ore are transported to China, followed by Brazil
Judging from the current situation of the international community, China is likely to be the only economy that can continue to grow this year. After overcoming health problems, China has quickly put economic development on the agenda. Although the time is a bit short, but the final effect is always satisfactory. At present, China's development has basically recovered and its import and export trade is recovering slowly. This situation will not only make our country develop better and better, but also benefit other countries that have reached cooperation with China. Australia should be seen as a particularly typical example.
Australia's export depends on Chinese market
As a major exporting country, Australia will naturally focus on its major international markets. In recent years, the development and success of China's market has attracted the attention of Australia. The huge demand of China is also very important. I am willing to cooperate with such exporting countries. At present, the results of trade between the two countries are still very obvious. Otherwise, why are Australia's beef, milk powder, lobster and iron ore resources so popular in the Chinese market? Even though the emergence of world health problems has caused a serious blow to Australia, in the case of large export scale of various countries, some losses have been successfully recovered through cooperation with China. This is also a blessing in misfortune.
A lot of iron ore is shipped to China and Australia, which makes a lot of money
According to relevant news, due to friendly trade with China, Australian mining giant FMG not only did not lose money on this issue, but also showed an upward trend. Compared with last year, the scale of export has also increased greatly. As China attaches great importance to economic development, it will naturally pay attention to the development of domestic industries. Of course, indispensable resources such as iron ore have become products that China needs to import in large quantities, and Australian enterprises are seeing this. In this case, a large amount of iron ore will be directly transported to China, and at the same time, it can be said that trade cooperation with China will continue. After all, such a good fact is rare.
Brazil follows
There are many major iron ore exporting countries in the world. Seeing this, Brazil naturally took action. It hopes to ease domestic exports by exporting goods to China. In fact, it's competitive. This situation is not a bad thing for our country. For our country, if we have more choices, we will have extra room for maneuver.
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