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Weekly review of coating and plating: this cycle is double weak and will be adjusted next week (9.8-9.11)
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 This week, the national coating market was first developed and then restrained, with a range of 10-30 yuan / ton. The price of the East China market is stable and weak this week, the market transaction is weak, and the downstream wait-and-see sentiment is getting stronger. However, in October 2020, Baosteel's futures sales price involves an increase of 260 yuan / ton of hot-dip galvanizing base price and 310 yuan / ton of electrogalvanizing base price. The long-term expectation of state-owned enterprises is generally good, which affects the market atmosphere. The price of South China market this week is stable, and the transaction is close In terms of processing plants, it is understood that the processing cycle of processing plants is about 2-3 days; in the North China market, prices first stabilized and then fell, and transactions improved. With the gradual increase of spot price, the mentality of merchants is becoming more and more cautious. Most customers are carrying out inventory management to prevent the risk of later capital; the price of southwest market is stable this week, and the market trading performance is flat. It is learned that due to the high resource cost, although the shipment situation is not ideal, the dealers are trying to support the price considering that the cost and the spot price are inversely linked To avoid serious losses.

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