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 This week, the overall domestic steel prices showed an upward trend, this week, the community warehouse factory warehouse overall showed a downward state, the current market overall shipment is OK, although the north cold weather, downstream demand is basically limited, but the southern construction site does not have holiday demand. Under the pressure of high raw materials, the willingness of manufacturers to support the price is enhanced. Under the visible expectation, the iron ore bottom will continue.

According to the feedback from merchants, except for the necessary plans, some construction sites have basically no purchase demand. In addition, in the middle and late ten days, the construction sites in the north are in the closing stage, and the demand is stable, but the overall transaction is difficult to have large volume. Generally speaking, under the situation that the short-term price is easy to rise and difficult to fall, it is recommended that businesses prepare goods on demand, buy on demand, buy at low prices, and sell at high prices, so as to avoid risks.
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