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Steel Market Daily Review on December 28
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 Daily comment: The recent global epidemic has become more serious with the advent of winter. London, England took the lead in closing the city. Then last weekend, Japan announced that it was in a “half-closed state” until the end of January. France said it would not rule out the third round of blockade. , Even in China, the number of scattered incidents in various places has increased significantly compared with the previous period. One thing can be determined from this. At least in the first quarter of 2021, the global economy will still be unable to get rid of the quagmire of the new crown, and the global steel demand that the four major mines are expecting will be difficult to see in a short time. In this context, iron ore, as the raw material end of steel, is already at a very high price, and the driving force or speculation point to continue to rise no longer exists, and its supporting role for finished products is expected to gradually decrease in the future. small. Snails: In this period, Snail 2105 heavy volume to lighten up, open higher and lower lower, the daily chart MACD shows signs of death. Near-term forecast: weak and volatile, pay attention to support 4150, pressure 4350.

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