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After the oil price adjustment in early 2021, how long will the steel market maintain its high level?
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 With the arrival of the small cold during the lunar calendar, the temperature in various places has further dropped, and outdoor construction has been obviously blocked. In addition, affected by the outbreak of the new crown in Hebei, roads have strengthened prevention and control, and the demand for the steel market can be said to be difficult to explain. At present, prices in the steel market are volatile, and winter reserves are much lagging behind before. "Supply exceeds demand" is always a pain point, and the steel market will not be too optimistic. In addition, the overall performance of coke, scrap steel, ore and other charge ends is still strong. In addition, natural gas fuels are also participating in the booming increase. At this stage, the cost of molten iron smelting remains high, which provides certain support to the steel market. In summary, the steel market has limited room for price ups and downs, and shocks are still the main theme, and stocks are carefully prepared to avoid risks.

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