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Meteorological steel report: sunny and less rain, temperature rises, southern steel needs or release
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 Central Meteorological Observatory's forecast on January 18: From 08:00 on January 18 to 08:00 on 19th, there will be light to moderate snow in parts of eastern Inner Mongolia, northeastern North China, southeastern Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin, eastern Tibet, southern Qinghai, etc. , There was heavy snow in the eastern part of Tibet. There were showers or light rain in parts of western Yunnan and other places.    From the 18th to the 20th, there was light snow or sleet in eastern Inner Mongolia, most of the northeastern region, eastern Tibet, southern Qinghai, and the western Sichuan plateau. There was moderate to heavy snow in some areas; the rest of my country was mainly sunny, with temperatures rising. Weather forecast for Fubao Steel City: Today and the next two days, the weather in most parts of our country is fine, and the temperature is gradually rising. The overall weather conditions are conducive to construction sites. The demand in the north will hardly improve, but the southern steel will be slightly affected or freed.

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