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●Building materials: On the 1st, the price of snails nationwide was mainly stable, and the fluctuation range was 10-100. Among the 52 sample cities, 3 cities rose, accounting for 5.8%, and 49 cities were operating smoothly, accounting for 94.2 %, none of the falling cities. As of now, the spot market has not been affected. Steel mills are eager to rise due to high costs, but the market price has basically stabilized. This week is the last trading day before the holiday, and merchants will accelerate Leaving the market, the market rises and falls have little to do with demand. It is more about the game and speculation of capital. On the whole, we expect that today's prices will continue to be mainly stable.
The influencing factors are as follows: 1. The market demand basically stagnated 2. The black system runs weakly 3. The billet trend is firm, the bottom support is strong 4. The factory warehouse transfers to the community warehouse obviously, and the winter storage logic is basically fulfilled
It is estimated that the price of Hegang's third-level seismic snails in Beijing market is 4120 yuan/ton, which is stable compared with the previous day; the Shanghai market Shagang's third-level snails is 4280 yuan/ton, which is stable compared to the previous day; Guangzhou market Shaogang's third-level snails is 4680 Yuan/ton, stable compared to the previous day.
●Slabs: In the market, in the last week of pre-holiday trading, transactions have shrunk, and the national hot-rolled market has been steadily weak, with a range of about 10-30 yuan/ton. Associated futures declined weakly, and the spot market had a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. Some merchants in the market adjusted slightly according to their own inventory structure. Hot-rolled coils are expected to be slightly adjusted today, ranging from 10-30. The mainstream quotation in Shanghai market is 4450-4460 yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation in Tianjin market is 4400-4410 yuan/ton, and the mainstream market is expected to be 4480-4490 yuan/ton.
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