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March 1st Meteorological Steel News: Rain and snow in many places have limited impact
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       The Central Meteorological Observatory's forecast on March 1: From 08:00 on March 1 to 08:00 on March 2, the cold air will continue to affect our country. There will be 4-6 winds and gusts in parts of the Liaodong Peninsula, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jianghan and other places. Level 7 to 8; the temperature in the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and most of the central and eastern regions dropped by 4 to 6°C. Among them, the temperature in the eastern part of Northeast China, central and southern Huanghuai, most of Jianghuai, northern and western South China and other places dropped by 8 to 10°C. The local area in southwestern Jiangsu can reach above 12℃

   On March 1, there were still large-scale precipitation weather in the Huanghuai and southern areas, and there were moderate rains in eastern Jiangnan and northern southern China.
   In addition, in the next three days, there will be light to moderate snow or sleet in northern and western Xinjiang, eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and heavy snow or blizzard in high-altitude mountainous areas.
Steel City Weather Forecast: During the day today, there will be more snowfall in the southwest and northeast, and rainfall in many places south of the Yangtze River. The release of terminal demand in the above-mentioned regions may have an impact. However, on the whole, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Guangzhou, etc. The weather conditions in the large steel trading hubs are acceptable, and the overall domestic steel market transactions will remain at a normal level.
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