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March 22 steel market briefing: a sharp rise in finished products
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 Steel market: the period of 2105 closed at 4763, down 6, down 0.13%, trading volume, positions increased 17000, K closed long on the day, Shanghai shadow cross star, daily chart leading indicators remain downward. Driven by the sharp rise of billets over the weekend, the finished products rose sharply today, and the market sentiment tended to be cautious and optimistic. Due to the rapid price rise, poor downstream acceptance, poor high transaction, loose high transaction of some varieties, and the increasing pressure of market funds in the latter half of the year, the merchants mainly operated on high delivery. It is suggested that when there are more goods, the merchants can reduce their positions when the price is high, and the snail is weak in the future, or fall into shock, with support of 4710 and pressure of 4800.

Raw material Market: domestic ore held steady on the 22nd; imported ore spot fell, the Platts index fell by $160.2, down 5.8; billet rose, Changli Hongxing Pu carbon billet was 4620 yuan / ton; scrap coke fell slightly. Today, raw materials continue to decline. The mismatch between supply and demand of raw materials caused by the current environmental protection and production restriction is becoming more and more serious. Steel mills are in a low purchasing mood in the atmosphere of falling prices. The main goal of purchasing strategy is to meet the current production. It is expected that the raw materials will continue to operate in a weak position in the short term.
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