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Steel prices hit a new high in May
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 Steel prices are ushering in the "good start in May" market. It is understood that the increase in steel prices for this round of steel prices is related to the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" repeatedly emphasized by the chairman of the country. The country is in a position to address environmental governance issues. It will have an impact on steel production. At the same time, in order to stimulate a rapid economic recovery, the world is currently in a state of "big water release", which will push the price of bulk commodities upward. From the perspective of the rising rhythm, steel prices are likely to rise this year. To the highest point in history, or even more amazing than the market in 2008. At present, the resources of most traders remain normal or in short supply, so some of them are selling and mining operations. For the later trend, steel traders are generally happy to watch the rise. Although the price of steel rises too fast, it may bring a callback to the market, but the overall trend is still For the better, prices are expected to remain high in the short term.


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