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   ●Building materials: On May 19, the mainstream price of snails nationwide fell sharply. Among the 52 sample cities, 50 cities have fallen, with a decrease of 20-250, accounting for 96.15%. There are 2 stable cities, accounting for 3.85%, and none of the rising cities. On the cost side, iron ore futures also fell sharply today, but they have been slightly stronger recently. Billets fell by 70 yuan and quoted 4,920 yuan/ton from yesterday, and the overall decline was smaller than that of finished products. At present, prices have fallen sharply, market confidence has been severely hit, and market transactions have been extremely weak. Fubao analyzed the influencing factors as follows: 1. Shandong Province's rich iron ore exploration has made new breakthroughs again, with a rich iron ore resource of more than 35 million tons 2. Iron ore Strong stone billet prices, market support still exists
It is estimated that the price of Hegang Group III earthquake-resistant large snails in Beijing market is 5500 yuan/ton, down 50 from the previous day; Shagang Group III large snails in Shanghai market is 5270 yuan/ton, compared with 5250 the previous day; Guangzhou Shagang Group III large snails 5650 yuan/ton, down 100 from the previous day.
  ●Sheet: In the market, black futures closed at noon: the main thread fell 5.55% to 5309; the main hot coil fell 5.16% to 5678. Tangshan billet is temporarily stable at 5470 yuan/ton, and the performance of direct delivery transactions is still weak. The price of general billet in Lulong area of ​​Qinhuangdao fell 170 yuan, and it was executed at 5,300 yuan including tax. Today, the hot-rolling market is mainly down 100-300. The market mentality is pessimistic and overall demand gradually deteriorated. The mentality of buying up and not buying down is dominant, market inquiries have decreased, most merchants have suspended sales in the afternoon, and the overall transaction is not good. Considering the pessimistic market expectations. It is expected that hot-rolled coils will continue to be weakened today. The mainstream quotation in Shanghai market is 5700-5720 yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation in Tianjin market is 5750-5780 yuan/ton, and the mainstream market in Lecong is 5700-5720 yuan/ton.
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