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Market over 800 million funds flee billet finished lower stock up to end?
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Today coking coal in addition to the weakness of black, other varieties are closed up. Including the expected Dongchong thread blessing, has continued to rise for three consecutive days, the intraday high of 3974 yuan hit a single month, with the lowest point of 3733 yuan month spread as high as 241 yuan, reflecting the positive side of market confidence.
    Billet also significantly increased over the weekend, successfully recovered 3600 yuan integer mark, finished product prices follow the market, chasing more positive operation. However, after the pull-up continued, fear of high psychology picked up again, the high turnover of resistance, the market trading volume decreased significantly last week. On the other hand, the market resource specifications are not homogeneous, out of stock as well as covering the goods also inhibit the market's trading atmosphere. Affected by this, spirals, hot coils and plate and other sensitive areas and varieties began to appear loose prices, late billet fell again, the weekend rose most of the erosion, the price back 3580 yuan.
    The futures market is not as prosperous as the surface, a substantial loss of funds. At the close, the black Department of more than 800000000 funds to flee profits, including large amount of iron ore loss, the thread is still part of the financial support.
    In the near term, steel prices continue to pull up limited conditions, again facing "up" the embarrassment. The same is not moving, last week it was mad rush to grab the time node, this week is to wait and see. The key factor lies in the release of winter reserves, the overdraft of the late demand, traders and terminal companies in the progress and pace of adjustment, the steel market finished lower Quotes seems to be open trend.
    Tomorrow, steel prices rose or narrowed, some varieties stabilized, the previous increase too fast varieties have the risk of a rise lower. However, prices have some resilience, even though the adjustment may not be significant due to the reduction of inventories of steel mills, the limited growth of social stocks and the fact that the operation of winter reserves has not yet been released.
    According to monitoring data show that today, the key cities in China Ф25mm three rebar average price of 4091 yuan (t price, the same below), up 61 yuan yesterday; major domestic cities Ф6.5mm high-line average price of 4332 yuan yesterday, up 60 yuan; domestic key cities 5.5mm hot rolled coil average price of 4109 yuan, up 40 yuan yesterday; domestic key center city 1.0mm cold plate average price of 4801 yuan, up 5 yuan yesterday; major cities in China 20mm Plate average price of 4064 yuan, up 41 yuan yesterday.
    Raw materials, today, Tangshan 150 * 150 carbon billet 3580 yuan, down 30 yuan yesterday; Jingtang Port 61.5% grade Australia PB iron ore price of 545 yuan, up 7 yuan yesterday; Tangshan region quasi-level Metallurgical coke tax to the factory price 2160 yuan, down 50 yuan yesterday.
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