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 Billet: This week, the national billet prices are mainly rising. Currently, the billet from Tangshan Weathervane Steel Plant is quoted at 5,020 yuan/ton, including tax. In the Tangshan market, most of the steel blast furnaces at the beginning of the week effectively resumed production according to their own production rhythms, but most of the downstream rolling mills have temporarily suspended the resumption of production due to multiple factors such as high inventory, reduced profits, and acceptance, and only partially resumed production. Therefore, This week's direct billet transactions performed poorly, but under the boost of black futures, traders are reluctant to sell and have a strong sentiment, and downstream manufacturers are also actively shipping. In terms of raw materials, coke ore is relatively strong in order, and merchants are still strong. Supported by the cost side, steel prices have a strong sentiment, and the market is buying up and not buying down. In terms of environmental protection, Tangshan City implemented emission reduction measures from July 8th to 11th. Independent steel rolling (except electric heating) enterprises stopped production, environmental protection policies have been continuously strengthened, and there is hype in the market. Taking into account that steel billets have resumed normal takeaways this week, the average daily market volume has increased, and downstream rolling mills are in the phase of suspension of production, billet demand has further decreased, traders have turned to cautious attitudes, and warehouse spot prices have also dropped significantly compared with the previous period. Therefore, the short-term Tangshan billet price is expected to be stable and weak.

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