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Market performance today
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 Market performance today

Billet: this week, the price of billet in the whole country was reduced weakly. At present, the billet of Tangshan wind vane steel plant is reported as 4980 yuan / ton, including tax. In terms of Tangshan market, the local independent rolling mill is in the process of environmental protection shutdown, the direct delivery and shipment of billet is poor, resources are passively warehoused, and the inventory is increasing. At present, the billet inventory in Tangshan is 599300 tons, an increase of 67900 tons compared with the same period last week. The macro Short News increased, the black system continued to decline in the session, the traders' mentality was pessimistic, the warehouse spot quotation was chaotic, the low price occurred frequently, and the market weakness pattern was dominant. There are differences in the trend of cost side, with strong coke and weak ore. After the fourth round of coke price increase landed, the fifth round of coke price increase was opened, and the steel enterprises were in a strong mood to support the price. In terms of ore, negative factors such as policy pressure, loose supply and poor demand lead to steel mills mainly replenishing warehouses on demand. In terms of downstream finished products, the mainstream price has been lowered. After the suspension of billet adjustment and rolling, it is mainly to receive orders at a low price. The manufacturers have strong price sentiment at a low level, but the sentiment of purchasing billet and preparing goods is not high due to poor terminal demand. At present, the anti arbitrage operation in the billet market is gradually rising. Next week, near the end of the month, the futures delivery resources will gradually increase, and the bottom will be firm or gradually increase. It is reported that some steel rolling mills in Tangshan say that they are expected to resume production on the 21st of this month, but the time remains to be certified. Considering that once the environmental protection policy is lifted and the steel rolling mill resumes production, it is bound to focus on replenishment operation, and there are still price supporting factors in the future market of steel billets, it is comprehensively expected that the price of steel billets in Tangshan is expected to stop falling and rise next week.
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