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【Time:2021-12-27 16:40】 【Traffic:

 Yesterday, the square billet dropped by 20, and Tangshan Qian'an resources and Qinhuangdao Lulong resources 4340 left the factory with tax. Traders' taxable resources are about 4400. (30 on Saturday and 20 on Sunday)

Futures snail 2205 night Trading: it closed at 4422 last Friday, down 91 / 2.02%. In the night trading, futures snail fluctuated downward. At present, the upper pressure level is near 4700 points and the lower support level is 4400 points. The direction is still selected in the short term. It is expected to maintain a weak shock trend today. (data source: Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE))
Concerns of pipe blank: the futures market was weak at night last Friday, and it is expected to be weak and volatile within the day. Over the weekend, the steel market was weak as a whole, the billet dropped by 50, and the market mentality was cautious. It is expected that the operation will be stable and weak within the day, and pay attention to the market and futures disk dynamics.
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