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 On the 13th, the transaction reference of boxing coating: the cash payment for galvanizing more than 0.38 m is 4860-4880, and the color coating price is less; The base material 4840 includes tax, and the futures price of rolled 5060 includes tax

Caitu and other downstream steel mills have some differences in long-term orders, stable foreign trade and weak domestic trade. In the second week of January, the output of the national galvanized sheet coil steel plant was 1.012 million tons, an increase of 34400 tons compared with last week, and the growth rate picked up.
According to the statistics of Zhuo Chuang information, the operating rate of galvanized sheet rolling line this week was 69.61%, an increase of 2.5 percentage points over last week. The actual output of the steel plant this week continued to increase compared with last week. The main reason is that the production scheduling of enterprises continues to recover, while the performance of the terminal market is relatively low, and there is no centralized winter storage and preparation for goods.
According to the statistics of Zhuo Chuang information this week, the total social inventory of galvanized sheet coil was 1035713 tons, a cumulative decrease of 0.9% over last week. Among them, East China decreased by 0.82%, North China remained the same, Northeast China remained the same, central China remained the same, South China decreased by 2.29%, and southwest China increased by 0.09%.
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