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【Time:2022-05-05 14:00】 【Traffic:

 Yesterday, the price of ordinary square billet rose by 10, and Tangshan Qian'an resources and Qinhuangdao Lulong resources 4790 left the factory with tax. (up 20 on April 30, stable on May 1, stable on May 2, up 20 on May 3 and up 10 on May 4)

Today's forecast of phase snail 10: phase snail rebounded on the 60th line and effectively stood on the 5th line. At present, the upper pressure is 5000 points and the lower support is near 4800 points. Today, it is expected to open high and fluctuate.
Focus of tube blank: futures disk or high opening shock trend. This morning, the direct delivery volume of billet is OK, Tang xiaonarrowband operates stably, and the profile rises by 10-30. It is expected that the spot market will operate stably, moderately and strongly within the day. Pay attention to the futures disk and transaction follow-up. (unit: yuan / ton)
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