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Tangshan, Hebei: steel production capacity will be reduced by 7 million 810 thousand tons in 2018.
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Tangshan, Hebei: steel production capacity will be reduced by 7 million 810 thousand tons this year.
Xinhua news agency, Shijiazhuang, July (reporter Yang Fan) 10 (reporter Yang Fan) reporter learned from the relevant departments of the Tangshan City government that Tangshan will reduce 7 million 810 thousand tons of steel production capacity this year, including 2 million 810 thousand tons of iron making capacity and 5 million tons of steelmaking capacity. At present, the target has been implemented to all units at all levels and is required to be completed by the end of November.
Tangshan is a big iron and steel industry in China. The steel industry also brings serious pollution and resource consumption while promoting the development of local economy. In recent years, Tangshan has actively responded to the national industrial policy and took the initiative to speed up the speed of "going to production capacity". Since 2013, it has accumulated 70 million 220 thousand tons of steel and iron capacity, and overcompleted the five year resolution of Hebei province.
At present, there are still many problems in Tangshan's iron and steel industry. Some of them are located in the built-up area of cities and counties, and tourism planning areas. In addition, the industrial parks in some districts and counties are dominated by iron and steel, and their product grades are not high and their industrial layout is low.
To this end, Tangshan is pushing forward the transformation of the iron and steel market to the iron and steel industry and the iron and steel industry through the reduction of the total amount, the excellent layout, the quality, the extension chain and the pollution treatment. By 2020, Tangshan will completely eliminate 1000 cubic meters of blast furnace, less than 100 tons of converter and less than 180 square meters of sintering machine, and phase out more than 1500 cubic meters of BF and less than 150 tons of converter. More than 40 iron and steel enterprises in Tangshan City will be integrated into 30 homes, and will be reduced to 25 by 2025.
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