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The price of coke and screw steel at a new high in the year
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In the near future, the prices of coke, iron ore and steel in the black products are very strong, and the prices of coke, screw steel and hot coil futures are all new high in the year. Yesterday, coke futures continued to lead the market, the main contract rose 4.22%, the main contract of steel futures rose 1.52%, both hit a year-high.
For yesterday's coke futures continued to rise, the relevant people think that there are three main driving factors: first, the standing meeting of the State Council in July 23rd has injected confidence into the market. The meeting pointed out that the active fiscal policy should be more active to speed up the 1 trillion and 350 billion yuan local government special bond issuance and use progress this year, and to promote the early success of the construction of infrastructure projects. Two, environmental regulation is becoming more stringent. The market expects that the latter will further intensify the environmental protection inspection. Three, the overall inventory of coke is not high.
People familiar with the matter said that the recent environmental inspection in Lvliang, Shanxi, has been strengthened, and the local inspection, cross inspection and provincial inspection are carried out alternately, which makes the local coking enterprises increase the production limit. It is understood that the environmental protection limited by the first half of the first half of the number of emission exceeded the number of approved, Shanxi Xiaoyi several major coking enterprises are less affected by environmental inspection, the basic maintenance of full load production, other small coking enterprises limited to 20% - 30%.
Since July, the coke market has been affected by environmental inspection, mainly in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places. The start rate of local coking enterprises has declined obviously, but the time of the impact is limited. It is worth noting that in August due to environmental protection and production restrictions are mainly in Shanxi and Shaanxi Fenwei Plain area, Jiao enterprises may limit production by 30% - 50%.
"At present, a small number of traders have accepted the increase of coke price from 50 to 80 yuan / ton, and the purchasing price of steel mills has remained stable. Influenced by factors such as active traders, coke market sentiment is better overall. Related people said, in addition, the latest phase of the Fen Wei coke production and marketing data show that the coke production production rate slightly decreased, the spot stock is low, the coke prices form a support.
In recent days, the price of screw steel has also remained relatively strong under the effect of environmental protection restrictions and the expected recovery of investment in infrastructure. Futures prices have reached 4100 yuan / ton integer level.
July steel social inventory data show that in July, 20 cities across the country 5 categories of steel social inventory continued to decline. The total inventory in that month was 9 million 290 thousand tons, a decrease of 310 thousand tons, a decrease of 3.3%. Among them, the steel market inventory of 8.45 million tons, ring-on-ring reduction of 350,000 tons, down 3.9%; port inventory of 840,000 tons, ring-on-ring increase of 30,000 tons, up 4.1%.
Undoubtedly, this year's environmental supervision is stronger than in previous years. For Jiao Tan after the market, experts believe that the impact of environmental protection in the Fen Wei plain area, later market delivery (Jiao Tan) strength will be promoted, will support the Jiao Tan price, is expected to rise in August to 200 - 300 yuan / ton, the corresponding port quasi level Jiao Tan price in 2300 yuan / ton.
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