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【Time:2022-09-15 16:11】 【Traffic:

 1. Yesterday, the price of Pufang billets was reduced by 30. This morning, the price of Tangshan Qian'an Pufang billets rose by 20. Now it is reported that 3710 square billets will leave the factory with tax included.

2. Reminder in the morning of hot rolling: Yesterday's hot coil market was dominated by shock, and this morning's billet rose by 20 yuan/ton, which may have a boost effect on the steel market. It is expected that the price of this coil may stop falling, slightly stronger.
3. Early evaluation of building materials: Yesterday, steel enterprises pushed up 20%, and merchants mainly sold at the same price. Low price resource transactions were OK, while some resources were not of the same specification, which affected the transaction while supporting the price. Today's market price may be stable.
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