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 Billets: Tangshan billets rose 20 yuan to 3650 yuan/ton on the 13th. At present, some local and surrounding steel mills in Tangshan are reporting 3650 yuan/ton for ordinary carbon billets, while Lulong Steel Plant in Qinhuangdao is reporting 3650 yuan/ton for ordinary carbon billets, both of which are delivered with tax included. As the influence of recent environmental protection news has gradually faded, market trading has gradually returned to demand, some downstream steel enterprises are in a state of production suspension, and there is little demand for steel billets. In addition, the trend of black series screw was not good yesterday, manufacturers were cautious in their operation, and the pattern of weak market tone has not changed. However, from the perspective of cost, the steel billets themselves are still in a state of loss, so the bottom support still exists, so it is expected that the short-term steel billet price will fluctuate steadily in a narrow range.

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