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【Time:2022-12-12 09:58】 【Traffic:

Qianan Resources, Tangshan 3740, Lulong Resources, Qinhuangdao 3740; All goods are delivered including tax. Trader resources around 3840. (Up 20 on Saturday, steady on Sunday)

Phase 2305 overnight trend: Last Friday night the spiral was a shock upward trend, closed at 3980, up 71/1.82%, above the October line 4125, below the 5 day average 3871. (Data source: Shanghai Futures Exchange)

Type pipe with blank focus: black futures on Friday night volatility is strong, the spot market rose 30-40 over the weekend, up after the transaction is slow, on Sunday part of the low by about 30. This morning, the volume of billet straight hair is OK, Tang small narrow band is stable, profile main stable operation, is expected to intra-day stability in narrow finishing, pay attention to market dynamics. (Unit: Yuan/ton)

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