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Todays market performance: stable and slightly weaker
【Time:2023-01-17 11:00】 【Traffic:

1. For yesterday’s billet, Tangshan Qian’an Resources dropped 50 to 3800, and Qinhuangdao Lulong Resources dropped 20 to 3800; both shipped with tax, and traders’ resources were around 3870.

2. Building materials in the morning: Yesterday, the spot stock was stable and moderately strong at 10-30. Most of the traders were already on holiday, and the downstream construction sites were basically shut down. The transaction continued to shrink. Only some early orders were shipped. Today's market prices may be mainly stable.
3. Hot-rolled morning: The hot-rolled coil market weakened slightly yesterday, but because there are not many participants in the market and the willingness to cut prices is low, the decline in coil prices is limited. It is expected that the coil price may stabilize and weaken slightly today.
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