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 Color-coated sheet Tianjin and surrounding private steel mills

Tianjin and surrounding private color-coated steel mills: Jinghua, Xinyu, Yanzhao Lantian, Da Seamless, etc. are temporarily stable. big seamless
0.5*1000 sea blue white gray color coated board factory price 6100
Hot rolled Tangshan market
Tangshan Hot Rolling fell 30, refer to 4.5-11.5 Anfeng Yangang Zongheng Kaiping 4280, 2.75 plus 70, 3.0 plus 20, low alloy plus 120.
Cold rolled Tangshan market
Tangshan cold rolling, Tang 1.0 reported 4760, 0.7 plus 150, 0.5 plus 280 for reference
Galvanized sheet private Tianjin market
The ex-factory price of Xinyu color plate with patterned galvanizing is 4850 yuan/ton for 1.0mm*1000mm*C patterned galvanized.
Billet price forecast in Tangshan afternoon
The steel market in Tangshan continues to be weak today: the narrow band has dropped by 40, the profile has steadily dropped by 50-60, the transaction is still weak, the straight billet is generally weak, and the spot stock in storage is 3890. It is expected that the billet will run weakly and steadily in the afternoon.

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