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Limited production again?! Tangshan steel enterprises will implement the 50% limit production measures for sinter and shaft furnace.
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According to the news, Tangshan Lunan District, Lubei District, Hi-tech Zone, Kaiping District, Guye District, Fengrun District, Luanxian County and Fengnan District predicted moderate pollution process from 18:00 on the 18th to 24:00 on the 20th.
Sintering machines, shaft furnaces and lime kilns in iron and steel enterprises are executed to limit production by 50%, and the pressure reducing valve of sintering machines is 20%. A 198m2 sintering machine at Kaiheng Iron and Steel Co. and a 265m2 sintering machine for stainless steel at Tangshan Iron and Steel Co. have been put into operation (SO2 concentration does not exceed 35 ug/m3, NO2 concentration does not exceed 50 ug/m3, particulate matter does not exceed 10 ug/m3) to avoid shutdown of production; the remaining sintering machines implement 50% production restriction measures and the sintering machine pressure reducing air valve is 20%; And 19 days 18 o'clock to 20 days 12 hours.
Coking enterprises stop loading coal and coke.
Foundry industry and independent lime kiln enterprises stop production.
Key vehicle enterprises such as iron and steel, coking, electric power, cement, chemical industry, coal mining and so on are prohibited from entering the factory area for transporting vehicles (excluding vehicles produced safely).


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