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Weekly review: panic atmosphere will continue to decline next week (11.5-11.9)
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Market review this week
This week, the national coating market continued to be weak, with a range of 40-150 yuan / ton. Taking East China as an example, due to the cold weather in the south, the release of terminal demand is very slow, and the temporary closure of the paint factory will be caused by the entry of Shanghai Expo. Although the current market inventory is not high, due to the general environment of the steel market is in a downward trend, the coating price has not been spared, with the continuous decline of the screw futures, the market panic atmosphere. It is difficult to relieve. On the south side of China, hot coil declined more than threads, and the southward descent of Beijingluo also aggravated the panic in the local market and increased profit-making shipments by businessmen. In North China, Tangshan billet has fallen by 110 this week, the cost support is not in place. Businessmen have followed the downward trend. In the short run, there is still a downward risk in the national coating market. It is suggested that businessmen should step up their shipment whenever there is a rebound.
Next week
Since November, the household appliances industry and automobiles have been in a downturn, with insufficient terminal orders leading to difficulties in market sales; on the cost side, billet and hot coil spot have fallen sharply this week, which weakens the cost support for coating. If the raw material end can not stop falling, there is still room for the coating price to fall next week. On the futures side, the slight rebound of Thursday's snail night market did not boost the confidence of the spot market, but increased the willingness of the spot merchants to ship. In the short term, the panic atmosphere is still spreading, and it is expected that the coating market will continue to decline next week.
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