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Weekly Review of Building Materials: Demand is cool, market prices are still down (11.19-11.23)
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 [Market Prediction] The price of building materials has fallen sharply this week, ranging from 100-260 yuan per ton. Since the beginning of the week, the price of futures snails has rebounded slightly. However, the downstream demand is limited. The inquiry policy of Shagang and Hegang has been lowered one after another. The market is weak and difficult to change. The market price has no choice but to rebound again. Go down. Next week, the market price is expected to continue to adjust weakly. Influencing factors are as follows: 1. Increased market arrival resources, increased pressure on merchants'inventory; 2. Weather gradually cooled, into the off-season of consumption, demand became colder and colder, overall purchasing volume was difficult to improve, merchants mostly had no intention of winter storage; 3. In the latter half of the year, the pressure on merchants' capital increased, and the delivery operation dominated the market; 4. Raw materials dominated the market. Market support for materials is weakening. Taking into account, it is expected that next week's market price will continue to run in a weak position. The overall fluctuation will be downward, with a tentative range of about 100 yuan.

The price of building materials fell sharply this week
Shagang finished products reported a fall of 150-180 in late November.
Nine cities will gradually withdraw their steelmaking capacity from WTO and agree to investigate US steel and aluminium tariffs
Steel mill prices are still expected to fall next week
Market price is expected to remain weak next week
Accelerated approval of infrastructure projects with seasonal weakening of demand
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