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This weeks shock weakened next week (12.24-12.29)
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1. Market review:
This week, the national strip steel shocks weakened. The leading steel mills in North China fell 150% compared with the beginning of the week, and the eastern and southern regions fell 80-100% compared with the beginning of the week. At the beginning of the week, when the market was weak and the demand was generally insufficient and the speculation fever of production restriction was declining, the price rise was obviously hindered, and the merchants were not optimistic about the later period. And at the end of the month, the pressure of capital is becoming more and more obvious, and merchants still focus on shipment. In the second half of the week, the market rose first and then restrained. With the increase of shutdown and maintenance of steel rolling enterprises, the upstream inventory reduced by environmental factors, which reduced the pressure on the supply chain, and supported spot prices, it is difficult to form a sharp decline trend for the time being. However, the downstream demand is shrinking and there is no clear intention of winter storage at present, the overall performance of the market is weak, downstream to maintain on-demand pickup operation, for future business is mainly weak. At present, the phenomenon of weak supply and demand is difficult to change for the time being. Most businessmen are cautious about whether the market price will be lowered after New Year's Day. They will replenish their warehouses on demand and move in and out quickly.
2. Trend forecast for next week:
Generally speaking, in the case of low inventory and mainly shipped by steel mill traders, risks are difficult to accumulate and prices are difficult to fall sharply. However, as the overall demand gradually weakens, the market price will gradually decline with the inventory rising until the trader's winter storage price is reached. Considering that the market is not willing to hoard goods strongly, and the current order pressure of steel mills has not been solved, the stock is slightly low, it is expected that the price of strip steel will remain volatile next week or maintain a weak pattern.
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