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Weekly Review of Hot Rolling: Market Operating Space Limited Next Week Hot Rolling Market in China will remain stable (1.21-1.25)
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Market Review
This week, the hot rolling market in China is relatively strong, ranging from 30 to 80 yuan per ton. The following specific points are as follows: the opening of the market at the beginning of the week, the National hot rolling market is steadily becoming stronger, the related period coil is fluctuating red, the billet is rising, the spot market is optimistic, the willingness of traders to bid is increasing, the overall resources in the plate are close to the high level, but the willingness of downstream stockpiling is not strong, purchasing more on demand, and the trading atmosphere of resources is not warm. By mid-week, the National hot rolling market is consolidating and rising slightly. In the near weekend, the hot rolling market in the whole country remained generally stable, with individual rises and falls of 10-20. With the gradual departure of the downstream market, the market demand is scarce, the enthusiasm of traders is not high, and stable price delivery is the main factor.
Trend and Analysis of Hot Volume Futures
This week, Shanghai hot coil main 1905 opening price 3519, the highest price 3650, the lowest price 3501, the closing price 3608, up 90, an increase of 2.56%, trading 2977 348 hands.
This week, the main hot coil 1905 overall showed a continuous upward pattern. From the point of view of technical indicators, K line in the daily chart once broke through BOLL, KDJ converged near 80, MACD red column enlarged; KDJ break through 100, high passivation, MACD red column enlarged in the weekly chart. Considering comprehensively, hot-roll futures have more indicators, but there are signs of excessive short-term gains. Therefore, it is expected that hot-roll futures will stabilize from rising next week, with the main operating range of 3550-3650.
Prediction of next week's Market
In the future, the slab price is locked, and the holidays are approaching. The market operation space is limited. It is expected that the hot rolling market will run steadily next week.
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