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Although Tiangong is not beautiful, the market is keen.
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This week, the price of building materials has both risen and fallen steadily. The overall increase range is between 10-20 yuan/ton and the decline range is between 20-70 yuan/ton. The trend is generally weak due to the rainy weather and the demand has not yet recovered. However, the mainstream quotation in the whole country still meets our expectation of rebounding first and then slightly falling back last week. For the next week's market, we consider many factors, and predict that the steel price will generally be a slightly lower trend between two high schools next week. First, the advantages and disadvantages are as follows: 1. The downstream market will gradually resume work, driven by demand, the volume of spot transactions will start to release; 2. The production cost of steel plants will rise, and the willingness of mainstream steel plants to bid up is still strong; 3. The projects approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in the fourth quarter of last year. Compared with the fourth quarter of 2017, the number and amount of steel products have increased significantly, and the superimposed real estate still has demand resilience for steel after the festival. We estimate that the steel demand-side probability will be guaranteed fairly well. 4. The probability of Sino-US trade war will be suspended with the high-level agreement signed between the two countries, thus directly or indirectly boosting steel exports. 2. The negative factors are as follows: 1. Recent rainwater is abundant. Weather is more, affecting downstream construction, restraining the demand for steel; 2. Stock growth is more obvious, the speed of barrier warehouse is faster, so that prices have a certain pressure. In summary, we expect steel prices to rise by 60-100 yuan/ton next week, with a slightly lower trend between high and middle schools.

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