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May 25 Steel Market Morning Post
【Time:2017-05-25 10:23】 【Traffic:
【Market Analysis】
      May 24, 1710 opened 3288 lower, the shock fell, the highest 3317, the lowest 3191, closing 3246, down 74 2.23% decline. Turnover heavy volume, the total position minus 85,000 hand, the first 20 main long significant lighten up, CITIC more than a single increase of 10,000 hand. Day K received upper and lower shadow long Yinxian, daily chart first indicators down Guaitou. 25 days before the night, the snail 10 to open 3247, after the end of the disk after the decline narrowed, the highest 3268, the lowest 3228, closing 3247, down 11 0.34% decline. Spot weakness, but there is still a shortage of market resources, steel prices have very price, the cost of short-term support for steel prices. Snail today slightly weak wide shock-based, afternoon bottomed out may be, radical investors can bargain.
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