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June 15 Steel Market Morning Post
【Time:2017-06-15 10:23】 【Traffic:
【Market Analysis】
June 14, 1710 opened lower 2935, shocks higher, sharply pulled up, the lowest 2930, the highest 3086, closing 3084, up 89, or 2.97%. Turnover heavy volume, total positions by 21.5 million hand, the top 20 short positions to lighten up the strong side, Yongan more than a single increase of 20,000 hand. Day K received long Yang Xian, the daily chart ahead of the lower indicators Jin Cha. 15 days before the end of the disk, snail 10 open 3080, opened higher after the session or narrowed, the highest 3091, the lowest 3033, closing 3037, up 39 or 1.30%. Most of the decline in the market, the market turnover is weak, soared to suppress the demand release, supply and demand contradictions have increased trend. The Federal Reserve announced interest rate hikes snail, snail short-term shock-based, yesterday's rally or difficult to sustain, support 3080, pressure 3000.
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