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August 31 Steel Market Morning Post
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August 30, 1801 low open 3885, the trend Xianyihouyang, the highest 3908, the lowest 3808, closing 3868, fell 32, or 0.82%. Turnover slightly reduced, hand positions reduced by 66,000 hand, the top 20 main long to lighten up the strong side, Yongan positions significantly reduced by air. Day K under the long shadow small Yinxian, hour chart MACD top away from. 31 days before the end of the night, the snail 01 open 3854, intermittent disk down, the highest 3865, the lowest 3812, closing 3821, down 35 0.91% decline. Spot steady lower, affected by environmental impact, the downstream demand is weak, turnover sluggish, the end of the face of a larger pressure on the funds, businesses and more for the price. Snail short-term shocks in the 3750-3950 range, large fluctuations between the disk, investors should not blindly operate.

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