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September 20 Steel Market Morning Post
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19 date Lo 1801 high open 3796, finished lower, the highest 3834, the lowest 3735, closing 3740, down 47, down 1.24%. Turnover shrinking, holding less than 70,000 hand, the top 20 main long to lighten up the strong side. Day K received shadow Yinxian, daily chart indicators continue to move down, the hourly part of the indicators weakened. 20 days before the end of the night, the snail 01 open 3738, disk bottom rebound, the highest 3765, the lowest 3707, to close at 3765, down 24 0.63%. Spot steady part of the ups and downs, the North finished products rose and then fell, business mentality frustrated, the market capital pressure gradually increased to the amount of operation to increase. Snail up weak, but the 3700 mark support strong, short-term or in the 3700-3800 range shocks.

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