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Hot-Dipped Aluzinc Steel Sheets in Coi
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Hot-Dipped Aluzinc Steel Sheet takes various strength and thickness of cold-rolled steel as basement, double sides coat with pre-Al-Zn layer, the percentage of the mass of the coating composition were  55% Al, 43.5% Zn and 1.5% Si, combining physical protection and high durability and electrochemical protection of Al and Zn. In addition, the surface was bright silver Chak and rules with high decorative patterns,  having a sense of floating Acts projections.
Galvalume has the following characteristics: Excellent weather resistance and 20 years without maintenance. Recent research shows that: After decades’ influence of intense sunlight, exposure, erosion and industrial discharges temperature stress, galvalume sheets are still in good performance without the need for any maintenance.More than 500 million square meters of engineering examples show that the Galvalume is being more popular in the building area.
1. Colored galvalume steel substration was light but high-strength steel
2. After continuous hot-dip processes, on both sides of galvanized steel alloy layer is formed, after 20 years of different environments, field trials confirmed in the same environment, galvanized steel four times more durable than galvanized steel.
3. coated with a chemical coating on galvanized steel, chemically very resistant coating and then coated with corrosion epoxy primer, to increase anti-corrosion.
4. Cover the surface layer coated with a colored coating excellent weather resistance specially reinforced polyester learning, ensure galvanized steel can still maintain their original color and luster after years of use, the bottom is coated with a layer of light gray coating the steel sheet more beautiful.
The main usage of hot dipped galvalume steel
Construction: civil and industrial building roofs, exterior walls, garage doors, fences, shutters
Appliance industry: outside oven, explosion-proof strip, air conditioning and ventilation systems covering parts, solar water heaters, electrical components
Automotive: car muffler, exhaust pipe and catalytic converter heat shield, the bottom of the car body parts, road signs
Industrial instrumentation: cabinet, industrial freezers, vending machines.
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