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Steel Situation Analysis of this Week
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Recently Steel prices is rebounding but industry situation still remains grim .
The China Iron and Steel Association held a forum.Representatives from participating companies reflect the situation, most of the economic benefits in the first quarter of this year is better than last year in the fourth quarter , but far will arrive last year. Benefits in February is better than in January. Some companies have achieved profitability in February, some enterprises have a balanced budget in February, it is expected to be profitable in March, and some enterprises reduced losses, control losses. At the same time, the steel industry situation remains grim, the problem of poor business efficiency doesn’t significantly improved, corporate financing, tax burden, investment in environmental protection, personnel shunt placement, peel corporate social functions so there are still a lot of insurmountable difficulties in accelerating " go out "aspects of mergers and acquisitions reduction still faces many obstacles insurmountable institutional mechanisms, in excess production capacity, improve the environment and other aspects of the market is still difficult to resolve the way to go. Steel prices to rise so that production capacity has been shut down part of the resumption of production or are actively preparing for the resumption of production, some steel mills from the planned output increase in March. Delegates remind mills to increase production will increase supply pressure, so that the original tends to balance supply and demand relationship is broken, the power offset rising steel prices, and even back to the vicious competition, a sale of the old road.
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