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Steel Emergency: Limit Iron Ore, Steel Billets Fall 2000 yuan Mark!
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Today, the domestic steel spot market was steady overall volatility of state, yesterday's closing market price is more steady, the local market is still mixed. According to the stencil monitoring data show that on the 24th of the 24 major markets steel 20mm HRB400E average price of 2368 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day rose 5 yuan / ton; in 24 major market average price of hot rolled coil 4.75 2549 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day down 6 yuan / ton; in 23 major markets 14-20mm P plate average price of 2570 yuan / ton, the same price the previous trading day. Because black futures fell sharply, iron ore afternoon collective limit the adverse impact on the steel market gradually increased.
Yesterday's sharp billet up 50 yuan / ton, once again stand on the 2000 mark, but the price is little turnover, this afternoon in the case of the futures market price weakness, carbon billet in Tangshan area prices fell 40-1970 yuan / ton, show strong prices rose more difficult. Because of the cost price shift resources with strong support on the spot. As prices fall, finished products turnover is also converted to light, the price also declined, the downstream wait and see, turnover in the doldrums. Although Tangshan iron powder ore prices remained stable, but Qingdao, Rizhao lump ore prices are still down about 5 yuan. However, according to the blank reaction manufacturers currently on the futures market mentality larger, less stable, increasing wait and see the atmosphere, but billet plant inventory pressure, small factories also flexibly adjusted according to stock, the possibility of overall weakening is unlikely.
From the spot market, east, north, south most of the market return to stable. Fuzhou, Beijing market fell 30 yuan and 10 yuan, respectively, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan and Northeast, most of the southwest market rose slightly 10-20 yuan. Shanghai rebar market is currently quoted at 2350 yuan / ton, offer the same material Guangzhou 2200 yuan / ton, Guangzhou area at 2360 yuan / ton, 10 yuan higher only than the Shanghai market.
HRC markets were mixed. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, continue to maintain 10-20 yuan slightly rising trend. Shanghai 4.75 specifications HRC offer has to 2420 yuan / ton, lower than the music from the market 50. But some market prices fell to adjust, such as Hangzhou, a drop of 40 yuan, down 50 yuan Fuzhou. In addition, Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang market also fell 10-30 yuan, other markets were generally steady, Tianjin market price in 2420 yuan / ton. From the current perspective, inadequate follow-up of hot rolled downstream demand, the overall turnover in general, volume is not large, such as Tianjin big deal generally maintained at 300-500 tonnes, closed libraries merchants also declining. However, due to the lower hot rolled stock, after a certain merchant ship, there is no willingness to cut prices.
Most mainly stable market in board, only Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Lanzhou market rose slightly, the Shanghai market fell 10 yuan, Tianjin and Fuzhou fell 40 and $ 50, respectively. Shanghai and Tianjin 20mm & P board offer was 2590 yuan / ton and 2450 yuan / ton. Overall market turnover is still bias the plate, some traders offer down, businesses reduced shipments. After the arrival of some of the resources pre-market quickly digested the recent Anshan, Ping Steel, Xicheng, Wen Feng has gradually arrive, the demand is still insufficient.
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