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Exporting Amount are Likely Decreasing This Year
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On the Forum & Finance Committee meeting On April 7,China Iron and Steel Association Secretary-General Zhenjiang Liu  said that , the steel industry overall loss situation remains unchanged, camp business mainly loss 11.4 billion yuan From Jan to Feb . Meanwhile, this year's steel exporting amount fell more likely dropping this year, he said that 2015 was the worst year for the steel industry benefits, and also the entire industry faced the real "winter", member steel enterprises the main business for 12 consecutive months of losses from last year and began suffering severe losses in July, lossing of 100 billion yuan for every month, the annual accumulated losses of over 100 billion yuan.Huge decline in 2015 to benefit some companies release a survival signal,the whole industry in 2016 made a very serious challenge. This year, the industry-wide loss situation has not changed, from Jan to Feb and a loss of 11.4 billion yuan. Liu Zhenjiang noted that making more methods take efficiency together to create benefits is this year's top priority and also to "reduce production capacity,  control production, increase efficiency," and achieve tangible results. He further said that the poor efficiency is particularly prominent current industry-wide problem, and is directly related to serious excess capacity, pricing power and pricing is the largest short board. "No serious effort to solve it will be difficult to achieve a reasonable return in steel prices, you can try some special products began to start, start from a strong regional self-discipline, enhance pricing power." Liu Zhenjiang think, from late December last year, steel prices gradual recovery, steel prices rose from the lowest point at the end of the 54.48-3 68.87. Industry-wide recovery in steel prices should remain calm and cautious, even with the favorable factors, but the fundamentals of supply exceeding demand has not changed, but more likely to decline in steel exports this year. Therefore, the core of the whole industry in the economy is able to stabilize the price and yield could control, we must do our best to fight for stable steel prices rebound.

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