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Domestic steel price slightly upward iron ore market is mainly stable
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 In the past week, the domestic spot steel prices have generally risen slightly, but there are slightly different rises and falls among different varieties. Businessmen have a little wait-and-see mood, but overall confidence is strong. The iron ore market is mainly stable, and ore stocks continue to rise.

In the last week, the domestic spot steel price composite index closed at 144.8 points, up 0.40% a week. Among them, the price of construction steel rose slightly, and the average price of main specification screw steel increased slightly by 19 yuan per ton per week. Hot-rolled coil prices rose slightly, and the market average price of hot-rolled products of mainstream specifications rose by 4 yuan per ton per week. Medium and heavy plate prices fell slightly, while the average price of medium plate in mainstream specifications fell by 26 yuan per ton per week.
Generally speaking, the steel market is in a turbulent situation. By the end of the week, due to the weakening price volatility of futures, the spot steel market is running weakly, and there is a certain wait-and-see mood among the merchants. However, at present, the steel market is in a period of strong demand, and the price of raw materials has strong support for the cost, the operation of the steel market is still maintaining a certain degree of strength.
The iron ore market is mainly stable. According to the latest report, in the domestic mining market, the market is relatively stable, the procurement enthusiasm of steel mills is general, and the market turnover activity is not high. The price of imported iron ore market shook narrowly. As of 14 th, the price of 62% grade imported iron ore was US$87.10 per ton, up 0.05 dollars annually. Iron ore stocks in major ports have been rising for five consecutive weeks.
According to the analysis of relevant organizations, in general, the environmental protection and production restriction in some areas increased in the previous period, the output of steel mills decreased, and the supply of resources decreased. At the same time, with the warming up of the weather, the terminal start-up rate continues to rise, the speed of stock digestion in the steel market is continuously accelerating, and the supply and demand fundamentals are relatively good. In the short term, the steel market has a certain upward momentum, but there are also some restraining factors.
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