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February 15th ,2017Market Analysis
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      February 15, 1705 high 3442, weak wide shocks, the lowest 3350, the highest 3458, closing 3391, down 28 down 0.82%. Turnover rebounded sharply, the total positions increased by 14.9 million hands, the top 20 short positions Masukura strong side. Day K received shadow slightly longer Yinxian, 60 minutes map indicators weak. 16 days before the night, the period of 05 open 3370, slightly fell between the disk, the highest 3398, the lowest 3359, 3368, down 44 down 1.29%. Spot continued weak, demand release is limited, high ship blocked, large social stock, the market waiting to see the atmosphere thickening. Short-term technical callback needs, but the range is limited, radical investors can bargain
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