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February 23 Steel Market Morning Post
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Forecast today
     ● building materials: 22 domestic snail ups and downs are now. This week the market price quickly pulled up, caused by high turnover weak, coupled with the snail lower, the market part of the resources have been lower, but some of the market because of steel prices continue to rise. For the market outlook, because the price pulled too fast, short-term market adjustment needs, but the current high cost, is expected to dropping space is limited. Beijing Shagang three large shock 3600 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day down 30 yuan / ton; Shanghai Shaogang three large bolt 3600 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day down 20 yuan / ton; Level large Lo 3970 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day down 20 yuan / ton.
     ● plate: the market, yesterday, the domestic hot volume prices loose finishing mainly, which weakened in southern China 20 yuan / ton, East China and North China cut the rate of 40-60 yuan / ton, into the front-end time after another pull up, The overall market sentiment more cautious, coupled with the performance of today's related futures decline, the overall trading atmosphere was deserted, business operations to ship more. Is expected to dominate today's market prices run weak, the Shanghai market 5.5mm mainstream offer 3800-3830 yuan / ton; Tianjin market 5.5mm mainstream offer 3790-3820 yuan / ton; music from the market 5.5mm mainstream offer 3900-3920 yuan / ton.
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