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June steel market forecast: the characteristics of steel market in off-season are obvious, and the price is declining and ready to start
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 For the outlook of steel price in June, comprehensive analysis and judgment of various market factors indicate that the market in June is expected to be weak before strong. The main reasons are as follows: (1) Productive factors: 1) Although downstream demand has declined, the overall performance is still resilient; 2) Iron ore, coke and other raw material prices are at a high or rising stage, which makes the production cost of steel mills rise and makes them willing to bid up. Maintain strong; 3. Environmental protection and moderate output restriction will have a certain impact on supply-side production reduction; (2) negative factors: 1. After the steel price rises in late May, there is limited room for further substantial upward movement, so the market may adjust appropriately at the beginning of the month; 2. Seasonal demand law makes it possible for steel demand to decline gradually, and the demand in some areas can not keep up with the rising steel price. It will fall into the stage of adjustment. 3. Sino-US trade frictions have not yet been thoroughly resolved, and there are certain potential risks. In summary, it is expected that the steel price in June will gradually strengthen, but the overall increase is limited. It is expected that the Full-Month increase will be 30-70.

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